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    How Combustion Fireplaces work?

    Combustion fireplaces consist of an insulated firebox which allows the air in your home to be efficiently heated. Combustion fireplaces use two separate paths of combustion air, both of which are preheated. The result is two simultaneous combustion zones and a much more efficient means of heating using wood.

    Benefits of Combustion Fireplaces

    Advanced combustion fireplaces can offer higher levels of energy efficiency over conventional open fireplaces. These fireplaces can reduce overall energy demand and heating bills in a home. An added benefit of these units is that in case of an electrical power failure, they can still operate as an emergency heat source for the home.

    Combustion fireplaces have an insulated pyro-glass window to the combustion firebox. The presence of two combustion zones and much higher combustion temperatures allows for a truly beautiful visual effect in the home.

    The environmental benefits of the new technology are impressive. The use of two combustion zones reduces emissions of incomplete combustion products by ninety percent compared to a conventional fireplace. The new technology thus enables the environmentally friendly use of a renewable energy source.

    • Energy Saving
    • Visually Appealing
    • Environmentally Friendly